…….I’m still disappointed (very disappointed)

I’m hoping I’d like the 3rd season, but….I know it’s difficult. You know, this 2nd part of the second season was just DEATH, nothing happens but DEATH. They construct complex characters for just ending by this….Well, fuck this.

Very disappointed with The Walking Dead scriptwriters

This was the most ILLOGICAL TWD episode i’ve ever seen….

FIRST; Lori was like a crazy mummy looking after her son, watching him all the time; NOW IN THIS EPISODE, SUDDENLY CARL WENT TO THE FOREST ALONE AND NOBODY CARES (TOTALLY FORCED SITUATION)

SECOND; Carol was the most motherly character, actually she cares about Daryl (even though he’s an adult that must control himself and he insulted her anyway) because she understands him and she knows he’s not a bad guy; NOW SHE GETS OFFENDED IN A VERY CHILDISH WAY BECAUSE A LITTLE BOY LIVING IN A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE DOESN’T BELIEVE IN HEAVEN (AND DOESN’T BELIEVE SOPHIA’S THERE) (TOTALLY INCOHERENT REACTION)

THIRD; Dale was just fantastic in this episode, he was the only one left with morals (anyway, I understood the rest of the group a bit); THEN HE DIES IN A VERY STRANGE WAY, AS HIS ABDOMEN WAS MADE OF CELLOPHANE (TOTALLY FORCED SITUATION…THE REASON WHY? I DON’T KNOW)

And this..I HAVE to say it in my language (spanish):

¡¡OS HABÉIS LUCIDO, GUIONISTAS!! (yes, 100% sarcastic)

FIRST OF ALL, IF YOU HATE SPOILERS, PLEASE JUST IGNORE THE LINK. Maybe I’ve just wasted my time reading this strange thing (it has no other name…), but I’m just a little bit shocked; not because of the spoilers (well, just a little) but because I don’t know if that person is just someone too bored or someone telling the truth; personally, I don’t believe all this stuff but I’m so confused. What do you think? do you know anything about this weird thing?